Natalia "Nat" Rosalina Stark

Heya, I'm Nat Stark- call me Natalia and I'll have to hurt you- sister of Toni Stark. No, I'm not into all that genius business. She got all the brains, I just like to write. I'm a freelance journalist and ramen is the greatest invention known to man. Just saying. ----------
(( OC that is Toni Stark's sister. I do not own any of these gifs. Please read "Who I Am" Section before rping with me ))

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[text] No… Tony doesn’t talk about work with me, much. I’m just well read on current events.

[text] It’s 3am in the fucking morning, Clint! What the hell?

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    [text] There’s always the fire escape. But you might fall and break your neck on that one. [text] See you in 2.5 hours...
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    [text] better add 30t more minutes to my time then bedceasue stairs are a bastatd